Samaria Christian Church
Welcome to Samaria Christian Church! 
Here at Samaria Christian Church, we believe God's Son, Jesus is the one and only answer to all the problems each of us struggles with. We believe the Bible to be God's inspired word and has every answer to all of life's issues. We believe in one true God existing in three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is the Creator of all things and is infinitely perfect. We are not perfect, only Jesus is - the rest of us are "works-in-progress"!

Come worship with us!

Sunday School: 9:00AM
Worship: 10:00AM

Our mission statement at Samaria Christian Church is "Loving God and Loving People." If you are looking for a church home you will find the church at Samaria to be a loving people dedicated to the Lord Jesus. Samaria Christian Church has a vision for a bright future and a goal to be found faithful to the call of Christ when He returns.